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Medical Division

Green Flash Prestige(IPL):


A new Iskra Pulse Light (IPL) device in the top- most PRESTIGE design
• Highly effective, non-invasive treatment of numerous skin conditions (unwanted hair, active   acne,   vascular   and  pigmentary changes, rejuvenation, stretch marks)
• Large spot size (12,5 cm2) for rapid treat- ment
• Lightweight portable device with enhanced  touch screen control, and  easy-to-change  treatment  heads  and  filters  for user- friendly operation
•  Automatic  recognition  and  calibration  of
the treatment heads
• Comprehensive program range with preset and user programs
• Built-in easy and patient data storage capability


Blue filter (310 to 510 nm) for effective treatment of active acne;

Yellow filter (550 to 1200 nm) for skin rejuvenation, removal of superficial vascular and pigmented lesions, and stretch marks;

Orange (570 to 1200 nm) and Red (630 to 1200 nm) filter for safe and effective hair removal on all skin types;

“PRISM” head (400 – 1200 nm) for excellent results in the removal of persistent hairs, and treatment of vascular and pigmentary disorders located on the body and extremities.


The Green FLASH Prestige incorporates advanced Pulse-Train feature that greatly enhances both safety and efficacy of the treatments. It provides the ability to deliver the light in a train of single, double and triple pulses with varying pause durations between pulses. This way, the sufficient thermal relaxation time (cooling) between pulses highly reduces collateral damage to the adjacent tissues while ensuring optimum energy to effectively treat the target structures.

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