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Green IRF Prestige:


Innovative radiofrequency systems based  on the  revolutionary CP technology® for beauty and health
• CP technology® allows for uniform, deep heating  of dermis and subcutaneous tissue with no pain and no need for superficial skin cooling
• Gentle, non­invasive treatment of skin laxity, wrinkles, cellulite, local fatty tissue as well as numerous physiotherapeutic conditions
• Safe and fast procedures that require no recovery downtime
• Visible results from very first session guarantee a high rate of patient satisfaction
• Built-in tissue measurement for automatic adjustment of optimal IRF frequency
• Lack  of  consumables  for  low  operating and maintenance costs
• Built-in patient data storage capability for easy  access  to  the  treatment  schedule.


The novel Green IRF radiofrequency systems powered by advanced capacitive  (CP) technology incorporate the unique features allow- ing them to be used for a variety of treatments based  on the principle of selective electro-thermolysis.

The CP technology®   provides a rapid change  of electric field polarity what alternately attracts  and  repels  electrons  and  charged  ions in dermis and  hypodermis.  The tissue’s natural resistance  (impedance) to this movement produces  heat, which causes vasodilatation, accelerates metabolism, increases muscle tone, stretches  the tissue, and activates both fibroblasts and production of new collagen. As this method ensures  that no current flows through the epidermis, the skin surface is not exposed  to heat, and therefore no superficial skin cooling is required. This way, more controlled, safer, and faster deposition of heat deep in the tissue is achieved by applying much lower energy than in the case of using the skin cooling. Consequently, the CP technology enables  painless and highly effective treatments that pose no risk of damage  to the patient.

These effects make the Green IRF an excellent tool for treatment of numerous  physiotherapeutic  conditions.  However, it  is primarily in- tended to be used in aesthetic medicine, and cosmetics for non-surgical tissue tightening.

The Green IRF provides the profound thermal effect on the dermis what leads to the collagen shrinkage and activation of fibroblasts. The resultant effect is collagen contraction and tissue tightening followed by new collagen production over time. This mechanism  ensures  the improvement in skin laxity and wrinkles, as well as contributes  to a successful reduction of cellulite and local fatty tissue.

The Green IRF represents a non-ablative, virtually painless, safe, and highly effective alternative to the aggressive laser treatments and surgical procedures.

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