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Cosmetics Division

Qmed S.A.L. Cosmetics department provides products for enhancing natural beauty through a wide collection of skin care, body care, hair care and other cosmetic products.

The range of products includes:

  • Hand and skin care creams that takes care of all skin types, keep the skin soft and moist and supply all necessary vitamins.

  • Plant-based shampoos and shower products from plant extracts for sensitive skins.

  • Aroma baths and bath additives available in many fragrances for an enjoyable and relaxing bathing experience.

Qmed offers an important range of facial and body care products that responds to the needs of the most demanding women. Qmed products guarantee a natural treatment and show high levels of efficiency.

The facial treatment line at Qmed includes quality products that restore the daily balance of the skin, nourish, protect, prevent and fight the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. They especially improve microcirculation, reduce bags and dark circles that appears with age around the eyes, rejuvenate the skin by eliminating the fine lines around lips and deep wrinkles around eyes, work on conserving the moister of the skin and protect it from external environmental factors.  


Qmed makeup cosmetic products are equally impressive and include a full range to meet all needs. This category includes eye liners, eye shadows, blush, powder, mascara and a wide collection of lip glosses and lip sticks.


The hair-care cosmetics at Qmed include Hair Coloring, hair Care, and hair styling. Qmed have different types of hair dyes: washable and permanent with or without ammoniac, hair masks and conditioners, and a collection of hair gel and styling creams.




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